924 S Main St
Greenville, SC 29601


Zen, known as an elegant space for hire, is located in the West End of Greenville, SC.  The venue offers an elegant flexible space for a wedding or practically any event for that matter.  The space is made up of the Lotus Lounge, the Studio, the beautiful outdoor Japanese Garden, and the Bridal Suite.  Ceremonies are typically carried out in the Lotus Lounge, which is capable of holding 200-240 guests, or outside in the Japanese Garden, which can handle ceremonies between 150-175 guests.

Zen’s Top Tips for Choosing a Venue

  • Make sure when you are comparing venues not to just look at the numbers price wise, but also factor in what is actually included and the quality of those inclusions.  Bride’s who haven’t done their research may see that Zen is a little bit more price wise, but it is important for them to look at what is all included in that number.  Bride’s should look at their final bottom line after rentals, setup fee, breakdown fee, cleaning fee, anything AV, anything that’s venue-related.  Take a look at that last bottom line number because oftentimes you’ll notice that sometimes Zen comes in below some other venues in town or right in line with other venues after you add everything into it.  Zen start off with a bigger number, but within that you see a lot that is included, like our high top tables and soft seating. There is a tremendous amount of quality and quantity built into that number.
  • Finding a venue that is a one stop shop like Zen can be very helpful for taking some of the stress off of the bride in regards to her wedding planning.  At Zen they take care of the bar, the rentals, and any additional rentals that may be needed over what the venue typically provides.  Zen is also capable of handling the wedding ceremony onsite in addition to the reception.  This makes point A and point B in one location and reduces the complexity of the wedding day.
  • Potential clients should never be afraid to ask anything during their venue walk through.  There is no right or wrong question in the wedding planning business.  It isn’t uncommon to find that someone might not have thought of something that the venue may have.  There is no harm asking because the worse you can be told is no, but you never know what that answer is until you ask.

Mistakes that Brides and Grooms Make When Choosing a Venue

  • Not getting a day of coordinator can be a mistake some bride’s make. It always isn’t in the budget, but when it is it is highly recommended.  These day of coordinators can take care of your timeline. They also will work and coordinate with your photographer, DJ or band, caterer, and any other hired vendor to make sure everybody’s on the same page. The coordinator helps keep everything run smoothly in regards to timeline so that the bride doesn’t miss out on something like the cake cutting or something special planned for the night. the And obviously one mistake that might happen is the timeline. If you don’t stay on top of things, that’s what the coordinator’s kinda there to help with, so the bride doesn’t miss out on cake cutting or something special that happens throughout the night.
  • Not checking in with all of your vendors as you get close to your wedding date.  Coordinators at Zen try to do the best job that they can checking in with the bride beforehand as well.  They are going to check-in to make sure they have the most accurate wedding timeline timeline and that they are coordinated with the caterer in regards to when they will be setting things up. This is also where that wedding coordinator comes back in and just ties everybody together if you have the budget for one.

The Most Unique Thing About Zen

One of the most unique things about Zen as a wedding venue is the Japanese garden. Zen is the only venue within downtown Greenvillle with an outside garden. There are other venues around town that can do the wedding ceremony, but they don’t have that outdoor aspect. Many brides who inquire are wanting an indoor and outdoor aspect without fully relying on outdoors only because of weather concerns.

Another unique feature that is hard to find anywhere other than Zen is the atmosphere and ambiance of the space. Zen has a very neutral palette, but it is still also very unique. There is a little bit of the rustic with some of the brick and the wood that is onsite, but there is still a modern taste as well.  Nearly any color scheme or really any type of theme will work in the space because the space is so flexible.  This isn’t a rustic type venue, where you really can only do rustic type things there.

Final Thoughts from Zen

Enjoy the day. If everything goes as planned you’re only getting one of them.  It can be stressful for brides planning a wedding, but it also needs to be fun. The most important thing is to have fun on your big day.