1106 Woods Crossing Rd
Greenville, SC 29607

Twigs Tempietto

Twigs Tempietto is a classy venue centrally located in the Upstate area of Greenville, SC.  The venue is ideally suited for garden setting weddings and receptions.  The space is capable of handling up to a 250 guest wedding ceremony. If the bride and groom are planning on having both the ceremony and reception at Twigs then the venue can comfortably accommodates 175 of their closest friends and family.  Twigs is a year round wedding venue and accommodate ceremonies and receptions regardless of the season and weather.

Twigs Tempietto’s Top Tips for Choosing a Venue

  • Make sure that you know what the venue provides, whether it’s Twigs or another venue. Some venues are all-inclusive, while others aren’t. Some venues you have to bring all of your set up, linens, tables, chairs, everything like that. There are some venues where there is a lot of work to do for the bride and for her family. Then there’s some venues where you can tell them what to do and they’ll take care of it. Twigs is an all-inclusive venue, so we provide the tables, chairs, linens, and general decor.  Here at Twigs we also take care of the catering, making us a one-stop-shop in terms of wedding venues.
  • Whenever a bride goes out to tour a venue, any venue, she should already have a budget in mind.  Sometimes it can be a little daunting, so if you know up front what you want to spend, you can prioritize your must haves versus your wants.  Be sure to make your budget before you go venue shopping.

Mistakes that Brides and Grooms Make When Choosing a Venue

  • Many brides don’t truly know or understand their numbers.  Know how many people you’re inviting, and remember to ask how many people the space can accommodate.  Twig’s normal type of wedding and reception is a cocktail-style reception, so there can be some limits to the amount of available seating for guests.
  • Some brides don’t take weather into consideration when it comes to their venue selection.  You want to make sure when you’re looking for a venue you have to have coverage in the event of any type of rain or inclement weather.  As a bride it is important to take precaution in regards to the unpredictability of the weather, even going as far as getting a back-up tent as a just in case for an outdoor wedding.

The Most Unique Thing About Twigs Tempietto

It would be how much is actually included with the packages here at Twigs. Sometimes prices can be a bit daunting at first, but when you see how much is taken off of your plate by booking with Twigs it is amazing. Many brides don’t realize how much planning goes into their wedding until they’re in the midst of it, and with Twigs so much of that burden gets removed from the bride’s plate.

Final Thoughts from Twigs Tempietto

At Twigs we are a one stop shop in regards to wedding venues. We like to try to eliminate as much stress from the bride’s wedding day planning as possible. The only services that Twigs doesn’t include are the baker, DJ, and wedding photographer.