Tiffany Singleton of Tiffany Nicole Beauty applying makeup on a client

Owner & Head Stylist/Makeup Artist: Tiffany Singleton

Tiffany Nicole Beauty

Tiffany Singleton of Tiffany Nicole Beauty is a fashion inspired hair and makeup artist based in Greenville, SC and serving the Carolina’s.  She is available for travel for any brides in need of a hair and makeup artist around the world.  Tiffany is dedicated to providing the highest level of service and styling with each client receiving a unique experience.

Tiffany Nicole Beauty’s Top Tips for Choosing a Hair & Makeup Artist

  • It is important that the bride chooses someone who has experience with wedding and event hair and/or makeup.  A stylist with a background in weddings and events is capable of adjusting color and style based on that unique event.
  • The bride should make sure that their hair stylist and makeup artist have extensive experience styling various cultures and ethnicities.  With the rise in multicultural weddings it isn’t uncommon to have several ethnicities in a single wedding party.  A good stylist is capable of flowing between different ethnicities makeup and hair necessities while altering his/her technique for each person in your wedding party.
  • If possible choose a vendor than can do multiple jobs. It will save you time and the stress of coordinating with and paying an additional person.  It typically is easier to find a hair stylist who can do makeup rather than a makeup artist who can style hair.

Mistakes that Brides Make When Choosing a Hair & Makeup Artist

  • Oftentimes brides wait too long in their wedding planning process to select a hairstylist or makeup artist.  Brides should plan on booking their stylist when they start planning their event so they have time to do consultations and contracts.
  • Many stylists and makeup artists charge a late booking fee to clients who wait until the last minute to book. Budget minded brides are advised to retain their stylists 3-6 months in advance to avoid last minute fees and stress.

The Most Unique Thing About Tiffany Nicole Beauty

The best thing about booking with me is I am all inclusive.  I am there to assist the bride on her wedding day for things she didn’t even realize she’d need help with. I assist brides with everything from hair, down to helping them get dressed.  I’m even there to ward of wedding day stressors that may come along. Everyone of my clients get the “little/big sister” treatment because they are more than just clients.

Final Thoughts From Tiffany Nicole Beauty

Whatever you do when it comes to your wedding don’t put too much stress on yourself. Regardless of what happens on your wedding day, as long as you, your fiancé, and your officiant are present, breathing, and able to talk, you will marry your best friend and that’s all that matters.