I had a fantastic time doing Kristi and Will’s Plaza Midwood Charlotte engagement session. It has been a while since I had a couple put in so much work in regards to clothing coordination.  These two showed up and showed out with their clothes.  They left me with no other choice but to do their session the justice their wardrobe deserved.

We started outside finding interesting backdrops in Plaza Midwood, but I decided to change things up about halfway through.  Every once a while as the quarterback of the shoot you just have to call and audible.  I really felt that we needed a change of scenery to take advantage of their outfits.  When they initially stepped out of the car my mind went immediately to a couple heading to a concert or a music festival.  Unfortunately I’m not able to just pull a concert or music festival out of my bag of tricks to place them in.  What I could do was pull out my phone and find the nearest record store though. And just like that Lunchbox Records came to my rescue.

The employees at Lunchbox Records were super cool and had no problem with us bringing the shoot inside.  Now the clothes fit the environment and the shoot could reach its maximum potential.  I’m super pleased with how the portion of the session went while in the record store. I’m always down for shooting in new and different environments.  I’ll definitely be adding record store to my recommended places.