Owner & Lead Photographer: Donnell Crear
Email: info@donnellcrear.com

Greenville SC Wedding Photographer | Donnell Crear Photography

As a one of the most unique wedding photographers in Greenville SC, I like to bring a simple yet bold style to his work. I specializes in capturing the moments while documenting a story through my camera lens. Every wedding I shoot I set out to produce classic images that will stand the test of time so that you and your grandparents will love them today, and you will still love them when you are a grandparent yourself.

I provide wedding, elopement, and engagement photography along with documentary family photography.  Although I’m Greenville SC wedding photographer I tend to shoot throughout the Southeast United States and can often be found shooting in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Asheville due to their proximity.  I’m comfortable photographing a wide range of weddings including African American weddings, multicultural weddings, and interracial weddings.  If you’re interested in hearing more about me and my services drop me a line at info@donnellcrear.com or reach out to me here.

Donnell Crear Photography’s Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Photographer

  • Don’t let prices and image quality be the only criteria for selecting your wedding photographer. Make sure that you find a photographer(s) whose personality gels well with you, your fiancé, and your wedding party.  Unlike your other wedding day vendors you’re going to spend more time with your photographer than any other person.
  • Look for a photographer whose style (composition, lighting, and editing) best matches the finished vision you have for you wedding gallery. If you are looking for “light and airy” finished product, but the photographers portfolio only shows “bold and colorful” imagery then he/she is most likely not the best person to capture your wedding even if their work is stellar.
  • When you first meet with your prospective photographer(s) ask them how they would describe their style of photography. It is always a good idea to ask what would they be shooting if it wasn’t weddings, or what do they shoot for their personal work. It will give you a great idea of where they draw their inspiration.  Many wedding photographers love to blend their personal work into their paid work. So if you have a photographer who shoots landscapes in their spare time it is very likely you will get some wonderful scenic/environmental portraits during your wedding day. Personally I love to shoot street photography in my spare time and it is a heavy influence in my wedding photography style.

Mistakes that Brides Make When Choosing a Wedding Photographer

  • Too many couples are only looking at the photographer’s package prices. There are a lot of other factors to include which oftentimes play into the price. Does the photographer carry backup equipment in the event something breaks? Do they have a rock solid backup strategy to ensure your wedding images are never lost? Do they carry the proper insurance to operate in the venue you’ve reserved? The most important may be do you trust them and have a level of confidence in them to deliver during the most important day of your life.
  • I personally believe it is a huge mistake to forgo and engagement session. Most couples aren’t going to have any modeling experience.  This means that their wedding day may be the first time that they have ever been professionally photographed. The engagement session offers the clients and the photographer a less stressful backdrop to get to know how each other.  This time also offers for a time to learn basic posing techniques that will carry into wedding day portraits.  Personally I love the engagement session the most.  It allows me a bit more time to be creative with the couple and deliver some fantastic images they we otherwise wouldn’t have the time to capture during the course of the wedding day.

The Most Unique Thing About Donnell Crear Photography

Without a doubt the most unique thing about my service is my personality.  I love having a great time and being around people who just want to have a great time.  This my clients develop a comfort level with me.  This level of comfort puts them at ease throughout the day.  The comfort allows for more candid and natural images to be captured throughout the day. By the time the reception rolls around I want to blend in to the point that you, your family, and your guests to forget that I’m even a paid vendor.  Personally my goal is to be an extension of your wedding party who takes awesome pictures.

Final Thoughts From Donnell Crear Photography

Make sure your confident in your photographer’s technical abilities along with their personality. A wedding photographer can be most accurately summed up as a creative problem solver with a camera.  If your wedding is the test, are you confident that your chosen photographer has the knowledge, gear, understanding, and personality to ace it?