So I’d be telling a big fat lie if I told you I hadn’t been looking forward to Taylor and Wesley’s Cokesbury College wedding since they booked back in December.  When you’re getting your start as a wedding photographer in a new market it can be tough sledding finding new clients. You don’t so much get to pick them as they put their trust in you and select you.  Because of this you don’t always get to work with people who care as much about the story you’re going to tell as you do.  This was definitely not the case with Taylor and Wesley and I want to thank you both for trusting me to deliver on your special day.

The wedding was held at the historic Cokesbury College in Hodges, SC.  Cokesbury College and the surrounding community represented an extraordinary glimpse at an early planned Utopian community. Websters dictionary defines an utopia as ‘A place of ideal perfection’.  I don’t think one could use a better word to describe the scenes that took place during Taylor and Wesley’s wedding day.  From the dress, to the details, to the food, to the people everything was pure perfection.  It was such a beautiful day for an amazingly beautiful couple.

I had an amazing time spending the day with Taylor and Wesley.  When we did our initial consultation they told me their goal for the wedding was for everyone to have a great time. I can’t speak for everyone (although I was paid to document everyone and the game tape doesn’t lie), but in my opinion it was mission accomplished.

Taylor and Wesley I want to wish you two awesome people a long and prosperous marriage.

Venue: Cokesbury College

Photography: Donnell Crear Photography

Caterer: Hilda Catering

Band: Ronnie Goldman and Band

Makeup Artist: Laken McKenzie