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Clink! Events

Clink! Events is a Greenville, SC based wedding and event planning company that regularly serves the Southeast United States and beyond. The staff at Clink! is also available for travel anywhere your wedding or event may take place. Brides getting having destination weddings in warm tropical climates don’t need to look anymore because Clink! Events is the team for the job!

Clink! offers three different packages for brides to choose from.  Their most extensive package is the Full Planning Package. This particular package is for the bride looking for start to finish guidance.  Whether its your biggest decision or smallest detail Clink! will be be guiding you through every step of the planning process.  Clink! will be there to help you find the perfect venue through matching you up with your ideal vendors.

Additionally Clink! offers and Partial Planning Package which includes “day of” planning plus. This package is ideal for the bride who has done the majority of the legwork on her own and is just in need of a bit of help securing the last vendor or two. It is a great package for those who can handle many items, but need a bit of help staying on track and deciding on final details.

Day Of Coordination rounds out the final package offered by Clink! Unlike other places day of planning actually begins 3 months prior to the day the bride walks down the isle. At this point the bride has done all of the legwork, but by bringing in the staff at Clink! early it allows for all of the “I”s to be dotted and “T”s to be crossed without any additional stress.

Clink! Event’s Top Tips for Choosing a Wedding Planner

  • When a bride starts her wedding planning she needs to decide whether she wants and event coordinator, or if she is wanting an event planner.  Many brides don’t realize that they are two different things. An event coordinator is somebody who is more of, in the sense of a wedding, doing day of coordination for you. You’ve planned the entire wedding, obtained all the vendors, finalized the different details, and now that person is physically coordinating logistics regarding the schedule, set up, and take down. A wedding planner is there with you for the planning portion either from the very beginning or some midpoint.  They are helping design the look of the event. This includes everything from invitations, to the decor, and even sourcing items for you. A wedding planner is both planning with you and coordinating with you throughout the process.
  • A bride should definitely meet with this person before deciding. Besides the photographer, a bride will spend the most time with the planner.  It is important for her to feel comfortable with that planner. On the day, of the bride shouldn’t have to worry about anything from setup to take down, or any decisions that happen in the middle. Days aren’t always going to be perfect. We plan to make them perfect, but things can happen. Because of this you want to make sure that the planner is going to decide for you what is best for you, so that you can have a relaxing, stress free,, wedding day
  • While meeting with planners about what is included in their package, it is imperative that the bride know what is important to her. Some of clients don’t want to be bound by the amount of time that their planner is there. They don’t want to have to worry about how much communication they have with that person. You want to make sure that what they include in their package is what really works for you.

Mistakes that Brides Make When Choosing a Wedding Planner

  • A mistake many brides make is getting family do be their planner or day of coordinator.  If a bride is going to get a planner they should pay someone to do it because it is worth the cost to have someone experienced doing it. We love our family and friends, so let them be a part of the your day.
  • Not feeling totally comfortable is another mistake brides oftentimes make. This goes back to making sure you feel good about the person you’ve chosen.  If you feel good about your wedding planner you know exactly what he/she is going to do for you on your wedding day, so you’ll never feel blindsided. Especially if they are designing for you, you want to make sure that they are on the same page as you in their feel and their look. There are wonderful coordinators out there of all different styles and price points. Find the one that works best for you.

The Most Unique Thing About Clink! Events

Probably the most unique thing about Clink! Events is the background experience we have in the wedding and event industries.  From working in a hotel venue in the past we have seen how things like food service and room flipping works.  Another thing that makes Clink! so unique is that there isn’t a limit to many things in our service. We don’t limit things like email communication and time on the day of the event.  We are there from the start to the finish, however long we are needed.  The final thing is that once a team member is essentially assigned to your wedding, you meet with them at the start and they are there with you through the very end. That person is helping you either plan, or they are doing the detailing process with you, and then they are the ones there day of.

Final Thoughts From Clink! Events

At Clink! we limit the number of weddings we do each year.  Our team is really about quality over quantity because we want to do the best job that we can do for our brides. Also we don’t just want the bride and groom to have a memorable day, but we want the entire family to have a really memorable day. We want them to be a part of that enjoyment.  Quite a few couples hire us not just to help plan, but also so their family doesn’t have to worry about anything.